North Star Classic Cattle Show
December 4th - 6th, 2020

North Star Classic Hereford Sale

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Saturday, Dec. 5, 2021

Valley City, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Andy Mrnak

Sale Manager: Joana Friesz


6 Open Hereford Heifers $2,500

2 Hereford Steers $1,200

High Sellers:

The high-selling heifer was Lot 7, DF Heather 4H ET, a March 11, 2020, daughter of NJW 135U 10Y Hometown 27A and Nords Tara 725E ET dam. She was consigned by Donnelly Farms of Valley City and sold to Kaleb Neshem of Berthold for $2,900.

Two heifers tied for second high-selling honors for $2,750 each. The first heifer was Lot 4, TTFL 1701 8Y Holly 2004, a Feb. 22, 2020, daughter of NJW 73S W18 Homegrown 8Y ET and TTFL 1559 338 Holly 1701 dam. She was consigned by Friesz Livestock of New Salem and sold to Tim Nagler of Danvers, Minn. The second heifer was Lot 6, TTFL 1601 203D Ruby 2012, a Feb. 27, 2020, daughter of NJW 76S 27A Long Range 203D ET and TTFL 1403 1405 Ruby 1601 dam. She was also consigned by Friesz Livestock and sold to Morgan Sip of Ada, Minn.

The third high-selling heifer was Lot 2, DF Hazel 1H, a Jan. 20, 2020, daughter of TFR KU Roll the Dice 1326 and BHF 21Z Miss Jasmine 614D dam. She was consigned by Donnelly Farms and sold to Addison Neshem of Granville for $2,400.

The high-selling steer was Lot 9, OHR Dude 6032 CT 136H. He was consigned by Olson Hereford Ranch and sold to Lily Anderson of Farwell, Minn., for $1,400.

The donation heifer was from Stroh Hereford Ranch, Killdeer, ND. Tickets sold for $5600. Heifer was won by Steve Wolff, Oakes, ND.


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Donation heifer - Stroh Ranch
Donation Heifer from Stroh Ranch

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